Top Down Input and Movement Investigation

Javascript Learning Exercise

Crysis 2

After spending some time learning Javascript I wanted to apply it to a small project, so I decided to create a simple set of game interactions in a 2D top down environment to improve my ability to write object oriented code. I also wanted this to double as a testbed for exploring design concepts that could be applied to more traditional AAA action games.

  • I wanted to make the movement feel non-binary and "weighty" to add some life to the player character, whilst retaining enough input responsiveness that the play experience isn't frustrating.
  • I wanted to present input prompts in a discrete yet functional way. My aim was to clearly demonstrate the effect of a button press when interacted with, while having the prompts themselves appear to be somewhat of an extension of the game objects themselves as opposed to feeling like game hints that are abstracted from the game world.
  • I wanted to communicate interactive objects in a simple yet readable fashion. I settled on a use-radius system that doubled as the language for interaction, as the radius fades in based on proximity. This provides clear feedback to players of whether an object can be interacted with, but as its not instantly visible it requires players to explore the environment to locate them.

The playable result of this can be found by clicking the image below.