Game Design Across Genres: From Uncharted to Star Citizen

Homefront: The Revolution - Pre-Visualisation and the Design of the Open World

Crysis 2

In September 2015 I was invited to take part in a panel discussing the differences and similarities in design across genres, delivered as part of EGX's Rezzed Sessions. As part of this, I gave a talk on Pre-Visualisation and the Design of the Open World, and how this was relevant to the development of Homefront: The Revolution. I spoke alongside James Cooper from Naughty Dog, Michael Barclay from Foundry 42 and Pete Ellis from Guerrilla Cambridge.

The presentation can be read by clicking on the image below - the spoken content is in the notes! Follow the links in the notes to the relevant edited videos where required - the final pre-vis itself can be found here.