Homefront: The Revolution

Principal Designer - PC, Xbox One, PS4 (2016)

Homefront: The Revolution

  • I was responsible for taking multiple singleplayer levels from pre-production to “hardening” phase during the game’s initial linear campaign format, and for providing final rework and polish on multiple existing open world missions selected as requiring significant improvements before ship.

  • Having identified issues with the “Red Zone” portion of the game’s open world, I produced a pre-visualisation of systemic and atmospheric improvements, and consequently led their implementation into a renewed direction of the zone’s development.

  • I was tasked with producing and owning elements of all internal vertical slices, public demos, proof of concepts and key prototype deliverables in order to drive them to the desired quality level.

  • I reviewed design team content over the course of production to ensure good working practices and clean scripting, as well as pre-fabricating many open world setups to ensure consistent implementation across the game.

  • Worked with the tools team closely to push usability and efficiency improvements over the course of production, as well as authoring Python scripts to help editor users automate repetitive and frequently performed operations.

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