Crysis 2 - Singleplayer

Junior Level Designer - PC, Xbox 360, PS3 (2011)

Crysis 2

  • After transitioning onto Crysis 2 from the a previous unannounced project, I was responsible for designing, producing and maintaining the second and third action bubbles for the "Semper Fi or Die" mission.

  • I took over and redesigned the “A Walk In The Park” mission with senior design team members during the final stages of pre-alpha in order to meet the remaining production scope.

  • On top of maintaining existing action bubbles, at various points in production I was assigned to other levels to help polish the execution of key scripted events and mission flows. These levels included "Corporate Collapse", "Train To Catch", "Power Out" and "Masks Off".

  • In addition to level responsibilities, late in production I was the designer responsible for pre-visualisation, prototyping and game implementation of a new "synced kills" feature.